What We'll Cover

  • Tax Basics

    What you didn't learn in school about the US tax system.

  • Deductions

    Common deductions and write-offs for creators to save you money on taxes.

  • Stay Current

    Systems & strategies to keep up with your taxes and keep the IRS off your back.

Course curriculum

    1. About This Course

    2. Course Objectives

    1. Taxes 101 Intro

    2. What's Income Tax?

    3. A Quick Note on Sales Tax

    4. How Tax Brackets Work

    5. Lowering Your Taxes: Write-offs, Deductions, and Credits

    6. Depreciation

    1. How Taxes Are Different for Business Owners

    2. Estimated Tax Payments

    3. Forms for Contractors You Hired

    4. What to Put On Your W-9 When Joining a New Platform

    5. Keeping Accurate Records

    1. Getting Started

    2. Walking Through Your 1040

    3. Schedules 1, 2, and 3

    4. Schedule A: Itemized Deductions

    5. Schedule C - Self Employment Income

    1. What's a Business Deduction?

    2. Health Insurance

    3. Traveling For Work

    4. Home Office Expenses

    5. Cameras, Computers, and Other Equipment

    6. A Note on Clothing

    7. Other Common Deductions for SWers & Content Creators

    8. Saving Money on Taxes by Saving for Retirement

    9. Deductions Cheat Sheet

    1. Filing Your Taxes

    2. Collecting your Tax Forms

    3. Tax Preparation Options (That Don't Cost Hundreds)

    4. What's a Tax Filing Extension?

About this course

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  • 36 lessons

Boost your tax knowledge


Jessica Goedtel instructs and creates educational content on Thinkific. The content includes various tax and financial planning related topics; however, the content is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered individualized investment, tax, legal, or financial advice. Fees paid to access this educational content are separate and apart from the fees clients pay Pavilion Financial Planning, LLC for advisory services. Clients are under no obligation to purchase this content.